Official Tally Merchandise Store
Free shipping on all orders above ₹1000
Easy Cancellation and Returns

• How do I place an Order?

 1) This store is only for Tally partners. If you are one, then you would have received an email from with a confirmation link. Search for this email even in your spam, promotion or other folders. If you haven't received the email, please write to with your tally account id. We will verify your partnership status and send you the link.

2) Validate your e-mail by logging into your mailbox and activating your account by clicking the link sent to you. Once activated you can login and browse our range of products.

3) Add your selected products to the shopping cart and update the quantity you want to order.

4) Validate your address and contact details, as we will need to deliver your consignment and update you on the order status of the consignment.

5) Initiate your payment through our payment partner. Once the payment is confirmed, your will receive an order no. with the status of the order update against your account. If there are problems in making your online payments then call us on +91 8867257359 to let us know, we will solve your problem.

6) You can check your order status against your order ID for tracking till the consignment is delivered to you.


• What mode of payments does the store support?

The store supports all major credit cards and Debit cards including Net banking feature. But will not support the Cash On Delivery (COD).


• Why is there a minimum order quantity (MoQ) for every product?

There are a few products with no minimum order quantity. These are listed on the home page.

Products on other pages have MoQs. This store is a B2B store. It has been created for Tally partners so that they can use Original Tally Merchandise for business promotion and gifting purposes. That is why there is a minimum order quantity for every product. You cannot order smaller quantities than mentioned on the website.


• How safe is this online transaction?

It is absolutely safe to transact. It uses the secured gateway, as other standard online store uses.


• Is this store open to all general public?

No. This store is only for Tally partners.


• Are there any limits in purchase?

No. Not really. You can purchase any items listed in the store and up to any amount and quantity.


• Can I get this delivered to any place wherever I want?

Yes. But the delivery address should be within India and it should have a courier network.


• Is it compulsory to login as a User to purchase at stores?

Yes. It is compulsory to login to make a purchase.


• What is your return policy?

Check our Return Policy on the footer of the website.


• I have a quality problem with the product I just received. What do I do?

We suggest you go through our Returns Policy. If there are any clarifications, you can get in touch with us.


• Whom do I contact in case I need any support or for more details?

Mail us at, we will get back to you in 2 working days. Else, you can call us at +91 8867257359.


• What is the time that you take for delivery?

Please read the Delivery Timelines page at the footer of this page.


• How are my items packaged and made tamper proof?

All items are carefully packaged at our warehouses so as to avoid any form of damage. All electronic items are insured against theft and damages incurred during transit.


• I would like additional customization on the product. Is that possible?

Yes. For most products, we provide a facility to add Your Brand. For these products you will notice that a position has been allocated for placing Your Brand. You will find details like the position, dimension, cost, etc on the respective product page. You will find a place to attach your logo and any details on the same page.


When you place such an order, our design team will revert to you with a soft copy design. We will initiate production only after you have confirmed the same. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the spelling and other details are correct when the design is sent to you. If there is a mistake in the design and you approve it, we will not be able to take any responsibility of correction.


• 10 days + shipping is a lot of time. I want goods faster. Is there anything that can be done?

You can choose from products on the home page. These products can be shipped within 3 days. But note, that this timeline is with only Tally logo - not with Your Brand.

Also, you can choose Express Shipping to get faster deliveries. Note that this will be at an additional cost. See the Delivery Timelines page at the footer of this page for more details regarding this.


• I am looking for some other products that are not on this website. Can you supply?

Write to us with your requirement to - which products are you looking for and what is the quantity that you are looking to buy. We will revert to you with the possibility.


• I want my logo in other positions. Not the ones mentioned on the product page. Can you help?

These positions are approved by Tally and cannot be changed. However, if your order value exceeds Rs. 25,000, please write to us to with your specific requirement and we will revert back to you.


• My password is not working/how can I reset my password?

 You can reset your password at the link below. Your account ID is your email ID registered with Tally. You will be sent an email with steps to reset your password


• How to redeem reward points?

Please go through this link to know step by step process to redeem points.